WELCOME TO TRINITY WRITERS WORKSHOP


Located in the Trinity Arts Building at the Bedford Boy’s Ranch in Bedford Texas

Workshops meet each Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

for information on our Plot Party,
Saturday May 3, 2014



Celebrating Literature

Encouraging Creativity

Coaxing Perfection With Support and Respect






3 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Hi all, I would like to introduce myself to the group. I live in Euless. I would like to get back into writing poetry and fiction.

    Tom Person

    Dirt orange sky,
    smeared zinc with storm clouds,
    smelled of ozone
    and stale rain.
    We counted off seconds
    between lightning and thunder,
    huddled close on the porch
    as the gap narrowed.
    Gardens grew hoary ripe
    that year. Early onions boiled in soup
    or we ate them raw like baseballs
    on the porch swing, our radio
    a doorstop against isolation.
    Static from the storm
    crackled and cleared
    familiar voices that still
    ghost stormy nights.
    A cottonwood split and burnt
    by lightning
    sizzled out in rain
    that welled and rivered our path.
    Inside, Mother hummed, pickled onions
    and packed them in jam jars
    tight against the storm.

    published in Coffeehouse Poet’s Quarterly 3, Summer 1991

  2. Congrats to KD, our newest published writer, on her new book contract! December 2013 was YOUR month! (Not giving the full name or book title until her agent says it’s okay.) Fingers and toes crossed for a movie deal to come out of this too.
    And welcome to our newest members, Monica and Rickey, who started off 2014 with their very first reads!

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